Patient Journey


A referral is not essential to see any of our doctors but in many cases a medical referral will entitle you to a higher medicare rebate. Your GP, Surgeon, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist may wish to provide us with relevant background information.


Your doctor will get to know your condition in detail. This includes a thorough discussion of your current complaint, your past medical history and your exercise goals. They will perform a targeted clinical examination of the area of concern.


Sometimes further investigations such as blood tests or medical imaging will be ordered. No test is perfect, so it is essential that the right test is selected based on the consultation. Often the right test is no test at all.


Your doctor will formulate a diagnosis based on the clinical consultation and relevant tests. This will be thoroughly explained to you.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Once a diagnosis is made, appropriate treatment that is right for you, your condition and your goals will be offered. No two conditions are identical, and your doctor will tailor your treatment to your condition and exercise goals.

Prevention Management Program

We don’t just want to get you better. We want to help you stay better. We will leave you with a clear plan to stay healthy and active.

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