Concussion Clinic

What is Concussion?

Adolescent Holding Head

Concussion occurs when a force that is transmitted to the head results in temporary impairment of brain function. It usually occurs due to a direct blow to the head but force can be transmitted to the head from a blow elsewhere on the body. Obviously the brain performs many functions so the impairments can be wide and varied and include headache, confusion, irritability, difficulty concentrating or a wide array of other symptoms. It can be difficult to distinguish concussion from an actual traumatic brain injury.

Why is Concussion management important?

There is an increasing body of evidence of the potential future consequences of concussion. It is also important for a medical professional to rule out a traumatic brain injury. Poorly managed concussion can result in longer lasting symptoms including headaches and fatigue that can, in some cases, persist for year.

What is the best management of concussion?

All cases of concussion should be assessed by a medical professional. Our doctors are experts in determining the need for further investigations and the safe rate of return to physical activity, work and school.  The management of concussion is enhanced if we have a baseline reading of your neurological function on file which is why we encourage all participants in high impact collision sports to have baseline screening with us at the start of the season.

Where can I find more information on concussion?

There is an excellent concussion resource available for athletes, parents, coaches and doctors available at

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